My favorite personal builds

All done in survival mode

(Click images for full-size)

Koohiisanville (-210, -1443)

Front drawbridge gate of fortified city at night. Portcullus automatically partially closes at night to prevent mob invasion.

Front of home with fence gate that automatically closes at night and opens at morning.

Rear of home with swimming pool and deck seating.

Massive Nether portal surrounded by four Nether biome designs.

Land's End (9900, -9670)

Deck and stairs leading through mountain base to reach house on summit.

Back of base showing Nether farm, End farm, and crop farms.

Side of home showing swimming pool which leads to waterfall along with firepit and seating.

Auto-smelter with chests for fuel, items to be cooked, and output of cooked items.

Large item storage area with labeled chests.

Mion Ice Fields (9900, -9650)

Front of home with large picture window, automatic doors, and dock.

Kitchen and foyer.

Cartography room with map floor showing vicinity of home to rest of ice field.

Western End Portal (2580, -270)

Tower beacon and entrance to end portal building.

Spiral staircase leading down to end portal, with suspended lighting and glass enclosure around beacon.

End portal room at bottom of building.