Senior Software Engineer adept at full-stack web application development, testing and optimization. Excels at database-driven application development, including coordinating ground-up planning, programming, and implementation for core modules.


Programming languages: JavaScript, PHP, Python, RPG IV, Visual Basic 6.0

Web technologies: Amazon EC2/AWS, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, HubSpot, jQuery, LAMP/WAMP stacks, Laravel, React.js, React Native, REST APIs

Database systems: IBM DB/2, MS SQL Server, MySQL/MariaDB, RedBeanPHP

System administration: Amazon EC2/AWS, IBM iSeries V7R1, Linux, VMware ESXi 5.5r2, Windows Server 2003-2012 R2


Full-stack and desktop/server development

  • Performed extensive conversion of existing, legacy PHP web application to Laravel. Migrated inline SQL to use built-in Laravel database handling.
  • Developed and released open source add-in for Visual Basic 6.0 to connect to the Code::Stats service.
  • Built Python scripts running on AWS for synchronizing millions of client records between MS SQL Server and HubSpot.
  • Built Python scripts on AWS Lambda to control execution state of EC2 server.
  • Developed custom CV/resume feature in personal, Laravel-based site to dynamically build the page from database information. CSS coding designed to display usable view in any screen size. CSS also generates a traditionally styled resume printout when printing from a modern browser.
  • Wrote custom WordPress plugin to show public source code repositories hosted on Bitbucket Cloud.
  • Developed API to exchange data between Moodle and WordPress site for multinational education coursework delivery and tracking platform.
  • Performed testing, custom implementations and module development in PHP-based CMS Enpowi.
  • Developed as part of team in large scale integration of Yii-based social media platform and other PHP+JavaScript components.
  • Implemented PayPal PayFlow Gateway and APIs for payment processing for multiple clients.
  • Created custom OpenID gateway API for linking PHP-based Tikiwiki CMS to internal OpenID provider for Active Directory for large-scale financial enterprise client.
  • Wrote Python scripts to parse customer database and send newsletters to chunks of customers at a time, as well as calling geocoding API to locate and save their congressional district.
  • Built custom CGI application with IBM iSeries (AS/400) back-end for displaying near-real-time data analytics and time tracking for shipments for an automotive manufacturer.

Mobile development

  • Developed cross-platform React Native application for in-game messaging.
  • Developed multiple applications targeting Windows Phone 7/8.

Database administration

  • Designed and implemented SQL schemas for over 10 years on systems ranging from small websites using MySQL to corporate midrange systems using IBM DB/2 and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Involved in testing and streamlining queries and indices to troubleshoot and improve performance.
  • Wrote custom SQL scripts to coalesce exported data into proper format for merging in with existing data on a different platform.
  • Experienced in design and use of HubDB tables in custom HubSpot CRM modules.

Linux system administration

  • Set up and maintained numerous servers and storage services on Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Provided server support for in-house LAMP servers and remote client systems on physical hardware.
  • Performed complete management of VMware ESXi server and associated virtual machines.
  • Created numerous shell scripts to automate and manage mission-critical system services and data backups.


Senior Software DeveloperJuly 2022 – present
L5E, LLC – Remote
President, Senior Software EngineerSeptember 2018 – present
Total Digital Consulting, LLC – Remote
Industrial - Marketing Systems SpecialistSeptember 2016 – September 2018
Belden Inc – Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
President, Senior Software EngineerDecember 2011 – September 2016
Total Digital Consulting, LLC – Remote
Information Systems - Programmer / Network AdministratorSeptember 2002 – December 2011
Heartland Automotive, LLC – Greencastle, Indiana, USA

Certifications and Education

MemberAugust 2021
American Mensa 
Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N5-levelDecember 2017
The Japan Foundation 
MemberAugust 2017
International High IQ Society 
AWS Certified Cloud PractitionerJuly 2020 – July 2026
Amazon Web Services (AWS)View
Certified HubSpot CMS DeveloperOctober 2023 – November 2024
HubSpot AcademyView
Google Tag Manager FundamentalsSeptember 2017 – September 2018
Google Analytics Individual QualificationOctober 2016 – May 2018
High School Diploma1999
American School


Sysadmin of the Year 2009 (Finalist)November 2009


Native fluency
JLPT N5-level


Portfolio (partial list)

Developed custom plugin to integrate Visual Basic 6.0's Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with the Code::Stats API. Source code released as open source under MIT license. Listed as Code::Stats contributor at
Completely redeveloped site from scratch using Laravel as foundation. Custom MVC components built to handle CV generation. Implemented custom CSS to enable printing CV direcly to traditional paper format. All CSS and JavaScript rewritten to enable modern features and fresher appearance.
Built custom solution on HubSpot platform using JavaScript, based on customer requirements provided via Excel workbook with specific formulaic rules. Designed front-end layout. Worked closely with product team to get feedback and make changes. Wrote script to track user selections in Google Analytics for customer review.
Designed and built app for Windows Phone 7 to allow composing, viewing, sending, and managing in-game messages for accounts in a familiar email app format.
Belden Newsletter Archive Site


(site no longer online) Built custom HubSpot HubL module for use in smart content pages to automatically pull in HubDB newsletter info records and sort them by date. Module was built to auto-detect the site visitor's language and display either English or German content accordingly.
Developed custom WordPress plugin to display a Bitbucket Cloud user's list of public repositories. Presents a widget which can be added to various locations within the site layout. Provides option to link site visitor over to the repository or not. Also displays time reference since last push to that repository.
(initial design and site layout) Responsible for initial site design and layout adjustments. Provided frontend and backend modifications to align with design modification requests. Set up Woocommerce and modified it heavily for displaying vendor-specific fields and data charts on products.
Password generator for select Mega Man games. This is written in VBDOS under Windows 3.11, because I wanted to eventually build this same application in all programming languages I know. Currently this project is on hold, but can be used in DOSBOX or on an actual 16-bit PC running MS-DOS.
Code generator for a specific coffee machine at a former place of work. Coffee machine had 10-digit keypad, and displayed a 4-digit code on a screen when brewing a selection. I discovered that one could input the code for that beverage directly using the keypad and it would brew without having to use the normal beverage, strength, sweetener, and cream buttons. I reverse engineered the code generation and wrote this application for the company intranet, so that employees could figure out the 4-digit code that represented their beverage of choice. This was written in the early 2000's, and I have intentionally not modified the styling from how it appeared back then.
(original site no longer hosted) Provided initial set up and website hosting administration. Responsible for email account administration. Implemented designer’s requirements via CSS and PHP coding.
Assisted in development of experimental, two-way API for communicating hyperlink establishment and page history between multiple sites running on different servers. Worked on implementation of this API into Tikiwiki CMS.
Performed initial set up and site design. Responsible for all administration of site, disaster recovery protocol and implementation, database backend, email accounts, and other online service functions.
Total Digital Consulting, LLC


Performed initial set up and site design. Responsible for administration of site, email, and all related functions. Installed and configured billing software for online access for admin and customer use.
PDK Financial Solutions, LLC


Performed initial set up, site design, and hosting. Responsible for all administration of site, email accounts, and remote support of other online service functions. Handled all payment gateway programming.
Provided initial set up and website hosting administration. Responsible for email account administration. Provides remote support for all issues. Responsible for design and implementation of new site for release during the first quarter of 2012.

References and Reviews

References and reviews available upon request, or at the following links:

Matthew Shaw  |  L5E, LLC

September 29, 2021

 Luke is disciplined, strategic, and an absolute pleasure to work with. I would gladly have him lead a team, join any project, and confidently put him in front of our biggest clients. His thinking and contributions have been instrumental to the complex migration of a legacy platform to a modern MVC framework. 
Chris DeSisto  |  TopDevz, LLC

May 19, 2020

(IT Project Manager)
 I had the pleasure of serving as a Scrum Master and Project Manager on two projects with Luke and would jump at the chance to team up with him again.

From project estimation to completion, Luke delivered. His estimates were on point; neither project exceeded budget. At the end of each sprint, his tickets were always completed. Often, those tickets were accompanied by a few beyond what he had initially pledged to achieve.

Due to his timely delivery of clean, functioning code, the clients were able to utilize the remaining budget and time to request additional features not included in the original work scope.

Luke is an excellent communicator. He was always professional, clear, and concise, all while remaining pleasant and positive. I received complimentary remarks from both the clients and other team members, commenting on how easy it is to interact with him.

Luke's hard and soft skills make him stand out among his many capable and respected peers, all of whom, in my experience, hold him in high regard. I would gladly welcome the opportunity to work with him again and recommend Luke to anyone considering teaming with him on a project.  
Nately DeSisto  |  TopDevz, LLC

June 10, 2019

(V.P. of Operations)
 While serving as the Vice President of Operations, I had the pleasure of working directly with Luke Gerhardt on a Client-Facing Scrum project.

Throughout the course of the project, Luke continually delivered all of his Sprint commitments. Not once did Luke make a commitment that he did not keep and, more often than not, Luke would deliver more than that to which he had committed. Luke’s contributions resulted in the project being completed on time and within budget.

Outside of Luke’s superb hard skills as a senior-level developer, he can also be counted on for his exceptional soft skills. Customers continually commented on Luke’s professionalism and ability to communicate at a level understood by both technical and non-technical parties alike. The Executive Management Team would count on Luke to conduct software development estimates, coach team members, and speak with potential Clientele.

Luke’s professionalism and talent truly set him apart from the many talented senior-level software developers out there. He is greatly respected by his colleagues, as well as the Executive Management Team.

I have worked in the software industry for the past 20 years and believe Luke to be a stand-out. I would trust him to conduct estimates and development for any of my software development needs. I would highly recommend Luke to any potential employers, for any professional endeavor he may consider. 
Tim Howlett  |  Belden Inc

July 26, 2018

(V.P. of Marketing)
 I had the pleasure of working with Luke as part of the Industrial Marketing team at Belden. During that time, I've found him to be reliable, detailed, and customer-focused. He's a solid contributor who consistently goes above-and-beyond, even when it might not get noticed. His technical prowess was a huge addition to the team and allowed us to expand our capabilities and project velocity. I highly recommend Luke! 
Tim McConnell  |  Total Tele-com

October 01, 2017

 I have found Luke to be a ‘true professional’ in my dealings with him over the last 10 years. His prompt response is truly appreciated. Few IT Professionals have Luke’s thorough analytical approach to troubleshooting. He will take action only after understanding how the task will impact the entire system ensuring that his Action Items are meaningful. You can count on Luke. 
Robert Plummer  |  Visual Interop Development, LLC

June 19, 2017

 Luke is one of the best software engineers I've had the pleasure of working with. He listens, and works very hard to achieve whatever he is asked to or he sets his mind to. He also loves to learn, knows much, knows many computer languages, and is very humble about it. He has a unique way with words where he can simplify a concept and quickly understands principles used in business and programming. 
Mark Meade  |  Interseps

June 19, 2017

(V.P., Director of Internet Projects)
 Luke is an excellent collaborator. He writes clean code, responds quickly to requests, and knows his way around all of the most relevant languages and tools for Website development. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.