Super Nintendo restoration — part 1: fix discoloration

Luke G.
 Posted 4 years ago

All Super Nintendo consoles from the 90s have an issue where most of the plastic discolors into a nasty yellowish mess.  As I understand it, the issue itself is a result of the flame retardant chemical oxidizing.  This doesn't affect all of the plastic pieces of the console, however, resulting in portions being grey and portions being yellowed.

My console has not aged well, so I decided that restoring it would be a great 'weekend project.'  I did a complete disassembly, sanding, painting, and reassembly. Here are my before and after photos, for your viewing pleasure. 



Before. Shell separated. Mainboard.




Paint used: Rustoleum 2X Ultra Cover Paint and Primer (Oasis Blue, Golden Sunset), and Rustoleum 2X Ultra Cover Gloss Clear