Use FreedomPop Global SIM Kit for Cr-48's mobile data

Luke G.
 Posted 7 years ago

Owners of the Cr-48 were given 100MB per month of mobile data on Verizon’s network during the beta-testing period.  Here’s how to change your Cr-48 to use FreedomPop‘s Global SIM Kit to get online via their service:

  1. Go to your settings, click Mobile data, and select to enable mobile data roaming if it is not already enabled.
  2. Press CTRL-ALT-T to open a terminal.
  3. In the terminal tab, issue the command modem_set_carrier AT&T.
  4. Once the command completes reboot your Cr-48.

You should see a mobile data network named "3 | AT&T", and you should be able to connect to it.  If not, you may need to do the following:

  1. Head back to settings.
  2. Click Mobile data, then click the network named "3 | AT&T".
  3. Click Access point name, then select Other from the list.
  4. Enter as the access point name, and leave the user name and password blank.

Let me know in the comments if this worked as well for you as it has for me so far!