Code::Stats Visual Basic 6.0 (VB6) Add-in

Luke G.

I'm happy to release my first official open-source program: "Code::Stats VB6 Add-in"!  Great! So...what is it and who cares?

Well, Code::Stats is an online service which tracks and graphs a software developer's coding stats over time. It provides a nicely designed set of charts showing how much a developer writes in a particular language, what hours they seem to code the most, and which days of the year they code the most. For instance, here is my Code::Stats profile.

visual basic 6.0Many modern development environments (IDEs) and source code editors provide support for a plugin to integrate them with the Code::Stats service. However, Visual Basic 6.0 hails from 1998, and did not have a plugin (VB6 calls them 'add-in's) available. While not popular these days, VB6 is still in use, and is fully supported in modern versions of Windows. Visual Basic 4.0 was the first programming language I used professionally. Visual Basic 6.0 later became my main language for many years. It was only natural I'd want to make an add-in so my VB6 stats could finally be logged.

In case you were wondering: writing an add-in for a 20+ year old IDE is not for the faint of heart. Regardless, with much effort and a lot of research I am now able to release a fully working version of the add-in. The add-in and its source code can be accessed here.