about minecraft

Minecraft is simultaneously a first-person survival game and an outlet for creative building. There are varying regions to explore and experience, as well as varied mobile creatures (a.k.a. mobs) to interact with. Since this is hosted on a server, multiple players can join and play simultaneously; communicating, building, and adventuring together.

customizations on this server

One of the complaints about the default Minecraft game is that it does contain some elements of magic and a few characters who would be objectionable to some, such as zombies and witches. This server implements various modifications and resource changes which convert these potentially objectionable characters and gameplay elements into something more conscionable. Magic is replaced with science, and a general science-fiction theme effects changes to the otherwise undead or magical entities. Additionally, there are new bosses to battle and items to find which have been custom-made for this server only.
See the sections here on mobs (a term meaning mobile creatures) and items to learn more about some of these changes.

how to access

You have to know me. No, really. Admittance to the server is locked, so only those with permission are allowed to join. That permission can also be revoked just as easily as it is granted. In this way, it's possible to maintain a relatively positive experience for those who play on this server.

If you do know me personally, or have been directed here by one of my friends, you may fill out the form on this site to request consideration for access to the server. I reserve the right to reject any applicant for any reason and to revoke access to anyone at any time.